GT200 CVT belt and rollers replacement.
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Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:45 pm quote
Yes by all means make it into a wiki it is outstanding

I have (I think) learned something

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Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:39 am quote
Me again. Lincs GT200 update!
It is a month or so since I replaced my snapped belt.... following your excellent set of "dos and don't s", with, unfortunatley a non Vespa item.

Instead of settling in for the better the generic "Furio" belt has seen the scoot gradually loose momentum...tops being (now) about 62 mph and that is ringing its neck!

At this speed the engine was revving its head off...which caused the rev limiter to kick in...(a bit like my old flat four Alfa Sud 1500 Ti engine set up back in the early 8ts). The result a lumpy , hit and miss top end.

I rode forty odd miles over to my nearest Vep dealer in Barnsley this morning and asked him for advice. He said that the generic belt was possibly the wrong width, which caused the variable pulleys at the front and back to try to perform something that was just not possible. He told me about the rev limiter thingy! A thick Yorkshire accent , made the conversation difficult if not amusing.

"Al sithee me owd cocker spadger, thas gotta reet neat scoo-iter thee-er"".

Anyway, I asked him for a set of rollers ( which he had not got in stock) and a new drive which he replied Eh! and why? And no he had never sold one, so he had not got one of those in stock either. It was a new one on him, he informed me that so long as you torqued "it" up to 75 Ibs , put a dollop of stud lock on..everything would be fine.

Back home I stripped the transmission down. The generic belt was in perfect nick. the centrifugal rollers were just dirty, so I cleaned them with 1200 wet and dry and water...they came out lovely and no flat spots were I did not need them any way.

Rebuilding second time around is easy and it was in rapid fashion that a new Piaggio belt was fitted (purchased off a Scottish dealer for just 20 quid three weeks ago...Ebay rools OK!)

I did an oil and filter change whilst I was at it and...wait for it took out the spark plug! No problem went straight back gin!

A test run followed on the dead straight A18 ...pushing into a decent headwind, the olg girl pulled a solid 75 mph. We are back on the boil!

I measured the Furio belt , it is 1.2 mm different in its width...length wise on its outer circumference it could be a lot different...but that is a difficult measurement to do!

The moral of the tale....Go Vespa!

Thanks again.
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Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:39 am quote
CVT Belt & Roller R&R
Cheeers from "cross the pond". Glad you got the problem is a link showing how the CVT works, and why the belt width is so important...
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Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:19 pm quote
Clever stuff
Funny old world, in the 6ts as a young teenster , I had a French Mobylette 50cc Moped, these were also made under license in the U.K , by Nottingam based Raleigh Industries who made (and stiil do...even though in Chna) cycles, The Raleigh variant was called a Runabout. They sold in their thousands!

On the scooter front Triumph Motorcycles in the early 6ts pioneered an auto system in their Tina Scooter.

The Mobylette, Raleigh and Tina system utilised the centrifugal pulley system, that is so popular in Auto scooters in the current climate.

In the meantime Daf cars in Holland utilised the concept in their 6ts/7ts variomatic ( Volvo bought daf cars out in the 7ts and even made a Daf badged Volvo atomatic car using the variable pulley/belt principle)

Wonder who actually invented it?
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Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:30 am quote
The nystery is revealed
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Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:13 pm quote
no parts left over!
Just to recognize Salty Dodd's contribution. Followed his graphic step-by-step guide and replaced my belt, rollers etc. Flawless execution, thanks.
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Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:20 pm quote
Salty's tutorial.
I second that! just finished mine, with Dr. Pulleys and it was a success. Thanks Salty!
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Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:53 pm quote
this is one of those posts, that you copy the link to it, and post it in your "notes section"
hth lads/lasses!
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Sun May 27, 2012 12:55 pm quote
Drive Pully nut came off-Robot yer not kidding!
moto-scoot wrote:
Whenever you snap a belt, I would recommend taking the driven pulley apart, to verify the pins have plenty of grease and are not worn. Sometimes the belt snaps because the driven pulley binds up.

Here is a dirty trick to hold the drive pulley on ET4, LX150 and GT200s: wedge a #4 Philip's screw driver between the starter sprocket(very large) and the engine case at the 5 o'clock position. I would never do this on a customers bike since I have the factory tools, but at home I have used this trick on my own scooters. Also the drive pulley center nut should be replaced every time it is removed, if you don't have a replacement use red lock tite on the threads. It is not pretty when that nut comes loose.
I just had the lovely experience of -@ 1500 miles on a GT200L that I just got, the drive pully nut came off-ARRRRRG! Robot buddy, I've only had the scooter a few weeks, you worked on it, remember? Anyway-drive pully nut came off on 94, starter flywheel shredded the inside of the case cover...melted the air intake! Luckily it did not shred the attempting reassembly now. I put less then 700 miles on this bike, and its already commiting suicide! thanks for the great tech write-up and pics on GT200L belt replacement under wiki-hopefully I can get back on the road before the whole weekend is lost...then replace all the parts inside the cover-jeez I havn't even made a payment on this bike yet...great Memorial day so far!
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Sun May 27, 2012 3:05 pm quote
wow...sorry to hear this story!
i got inside my cover today, wanted to have a poke around after changing the belt and swapping rollers for sliders awhile back...blew out and cleaned everything pretty well, didn't take the sliders out, belt looked fine. i notice that the cover is starting to bubble underneath the silver coloured paint (in spots). so it looks like i'll be repainting that soon, as i'm sure salty air is not going to be gentle on that metal.
i also needed to clean the air box and filtre as i've been riding in very sandy conditions. i read a thread or two about folks going black or some other colour, so it looks like a straight forward job.
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Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:44 pm quote
salty dodd wrote:
<edit> Here is an important point to take note of before proceding to the next step. When you place the belt between the pulleys, be certain that when you hold it in place, you can read the printing on the top of the belt. If the printing is backward, or upside down, it is on backward. I made this mistake the first time, and had to pull it apart and correct it.

Now here is another tricky part.

Getting the half pulleys separated, and the belt pushed in to hold them apart.

This is where your best buddy come into play.

Though Kona was unable to help with his paws, he was there with moral support.

He also snuck in a couple of smooches while I was on the ground.

I inquired the help of Salty Dawn, and she did smashingly well.

I placed the driven pulley assy on the ground as shown.

With my thumbs, I pushed where indicated toward the ground, at the same time rotated against the spring, counter clockwise, while Dawn pressed the belt toward the center of the pulleys.

Once she pressed the belt in, it held the pulleys apart.

To ensure they stayed apart, I pinched the belt together as shown.

It did slip out, and I had to do it a second time, while I was assembling it onto the shaft, but it eventually worked out.
Your DIY is fantastic and I did print off the pertinent pieces for my variator belt change.

Others within out group have done several belt changes and offered another means to install the belt between the pulley plates. We opted to flip the assembly around and placed it on a piece of corrugated board. The surface of the board provide enough traction to reduce sliding of the pully assembly.

While the surface of the pully assembly now coming in contact with our palms were not a even...we placed a towel between the palms of hands (gloves may have worked as well) and pulled and twisted clockwise.

This seemed to be a bit easier to separate the plates and and shimmy the belt between the plates. Further compression was rather easy and then we cinched down a zip tie to hold the belt down between the plates. After securing the belt we cut the zip tie.
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Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:35 pm quote
Belt and roller install
Just saying thx for the photos and procedure. I will be doing this about next summer..
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Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:06 pm quote
What a great post, found this extremely helpful. My variator nut came loose the other day on my way home from work. Going full speed on the highway I suddenly experienced a drop in speed and was unable to get over about 40 miles an hour. And there was a loud grinding sound as I attempted to gain speed. After calling my wife to come get me in the truck and getting home I pulled her apart and discovered the loose nut. This was one of the first posts I found on here when searching "variator nut". Came in very handy thanks for the great write up.
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Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:19 pm quote
I have not had the scoot for several years now, but ran across the tool that I made and bought.

I have the home made clutch holding tool, and the GT variator tool.

Anyone local to Riverside, CA can have them for $15.00.
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Sat Dec 14, 2019 3:10 am quote
This is really a great DIY post that has helped so many of us GT200 owners perform this important maintenance task.

There's one issue, however, that I've had the last two times I've replaced the belt on my GT200.

As these scooters get older and rack up hours of use, I've noticed that the clutch assembly becomes "frozen" on the shaft and refuses to slide out together with the driven pulley like it did when the scooter was newer and had less hours of use.

No amount of pulling, tilting, wiggling or knocking would get that clutch assembly to slide off the shaft.

So, to get the clutch assembly to come off, I had to use a bearing puller which makes it quite easy.

The rest of the replacement process is as described.

Another caveat that I can add is to NOT use any thread locking agent on the variator nut. The new variator nut already comes with a thread locking coating on the threads which will suffice at the specified torque.

Using additional thread locking adhesive puts the threads on the crankshaft at risk. Don't ask!
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Sat Dec 14, 2019 9:26 pm quote
Just use a long screwdriver and a hammer and give it a whack so the plate moves forward. Comes right off.
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Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:36 am quote
Motovista wrote:
Just use a long screwdriver and a hammer and give it a whack so the plate moves forward. Comes right off.
Where do you apply pressure with the screwdriver?

I couldn't get enough leverage or purchase on the edges of the clutch drum. Hammering the drum made it move inward, but not outward. It wouldn't come off the shaft.

The bearing puller worked great.
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