GT200 Vacuum issue
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Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:01 pm quote
Need help & guidance - I thought I had a fuel issue with the fuel vacuum pump as the engines power would die intermittently and then come back when easing back on the throttle (I thought the engine was being starved of fuel) as it would clear and then power up again, until the engine cut out and wouldn't re start.

now I make a big mistake over and above the first problem.

I changed the fuel vacuum pump over with a new one but when reconnecting the fuel lines and the breather pipe I reconnected the pipes to the wrong connection re fuel on the breather and vis versa.I cranked the engine 3 times and fuel started to flood out of the air box as a result of the mixed connections - I couldn't stop the flow of fuel so waited until the fuel tank drained out of fuel.

I reversed the fuel line and the breather over to the correct connections on the fuel pump - and cleaned the air filter box and replaced the filt5er with a new one - second surprise was just ahead of me.

I cranked her up twice with a no start.No fuel was leaking out of the air box as before so I thought I might check the oil to see if had been corrupted with any fuel.

Opening up the fuel dip stick from the oil pan the oil flooded out like it had been blasted from the other end with air and there was a backflush of oil pouring out......guessing some 2-300 mls might have poured out before it settle down.I put the dip stick back on and left it for a while to stand.

After an hour I thought I would see how much oil was lost to top up the oil level - but the dip stick says the oil level is ok and you can see the oil sitting just below the top of the oil pan - so thats got me scratching my head.

My GT200 has been a great ride these past 8 years and has never let me down - so this is the first time I have hit a technical machincal break down issue - in part of my own making so Im in the soup and have no idea where to start to fix the problem.

any feedback would be welcomed,Mike[/url]
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Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:58 am quote
Hi Brighton Belle, sorry to hear of your issues.

I think you may have damaged the diaphragm in the fuel vacuum tap. Can't be sure but it's likely. This will cause the carb to over load the engine with fuel. The spark plug may be wet and dirty with fuel so no spark.

You will need to change the oil and filter too. But don't do that until you have checked you have everything connected right.
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