What should I consider when buying a 2nd hand Vespa
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Sun Jan 19, 2020 7:02 am quote
Hi Guys, Iím planning to get myself a Vespa 150 Primavera 2014.

But I donít know much about Vespa or scooters. I currently ride a Kawasaki Er6N.

I was wondering what should I consider or be conscious about when buying a 2nd hand Vespa.

The bike has about 40k/km mileage. Do I need to do a valve clearance at this point? Should worry about the gearing oil and stuff like that?

Hope I can get some advice

Thanks in advance.
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Tue Jan 21, 2020 7:55 pm quote
40,000k is about 25,000 miles. Oil changes should be about every 3k miles and gear oil every 12k. Iíd replace all that upon purchase no matter when the person said they did it. There are different intervals for the valves for different Vespa models but at 25k miles you should be on your third check. You have no idea how the previous owner(s) have cared for this bike.

Vespa scooters can go a long time and there are many on this forum with 10ís of thousands of miles. Some have put new engines in and kept rolling. Lots of bikes to be had that are 12, 13, 14 years old with less than 5K miles (8400 kilometers). This is only my opinion but unless youíre getting a screaming good deal you also might want to look for one with fewer miles. If you love this one buy it and get it on the road!
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Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:44 am quote
I'd also check the rubber parts. They should be fine but with that much mileage, it'd be worth looking at.

If they don't have the service records, as stated the oil change is supposed to be done every 3K miles. Belt's and rollers around every 9k's miles.

When I bought my low mileage (around 3000 miles) Vespa 2011. It turns out the orginal owner took it to a Harley/Motorcycle dealer and they added the wrong kind of coolant. It slowly ate away at a water plug in the head. And weakened the head to the point that I wound up cracking the head after getting that water plug replaced. It wound up being a bit pricey of a job but in essence I got a new head with only around 2000 miles on it slapped into the bike.

Double check the tires, it's minor but if you think they are old/tread/cracked. You might be able to use that as a negotiation point on final price.

Test ride it. See if anything "feels" off. Obviously downgrading from a larger wheel base to...a 10 inch?! Sorry I forgot what wheel size the Primavera's are! But it IS a smaller wheel base than you are used to. The bike is lighter and more "flickable" nimble and or responsive. But see if it's too jumpy or responds weird. Again, with that much mileage I'd be interested in how the shocks/struts are doing.
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