[Paris, France] 5-Speed Gearbox for largeframe Vespas: SOLD
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Mon Jun 16, 2014 6:20 am quote

For sale, new, unused, complete gearbox kit to convert your classic 4-speed gearbox to 5 speed. 300, or whatever that converts to in your local currency on day of payment, + shipping.

_5 gear cogs
_5 row primary drive (spring gear/ layshaft)
_kickstart gear
_selector box with 6 positions: 5 for gears, 1 for neutral (the ratchet plate/selection platter can be reinstalled in different box to keep use of neutral switch on US PEs and LMLs, for instance.
_rebuild kit for spring gear

This kit uses your original secondary drive (wheel axle) and spring gear, and provides everything in between.

Tooth count per cog: primary/secondary
1_ 12/57
2_ 16/53
3_ 20/49
4_ 24/45
5_ 28/41
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Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:50 am quote
5 speed gear box vespa
Hello Bro

This item can shipping to Thailand or not ? And Price how much ?
Please let'me your information more.

Best Regard
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