LX50 4v centre stand - litterally falling apart...
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Mon Jul 27, 2015 6:13 pm quote
Hi there,

Parking-up last night i heard a bit of tinkle as i put my bike on it's stand and noticed that a couple bits had just fallen straight off!

They're the 2 stand return springs and what looks to be a lug of sorts. The stand seems to still be adequately attached but obviously now with no spring recoil so when the bike's not sitting on it it just hangs there.

The bike's pretty new with less than 900km on it, so i'm a little annoyed and as it was bought second hand in Japan, there's no warranty, so it's pay or do it myself. If this is a super easy fix, i'll regret not giving it a go.

Having had a look at this (which i think is the correct diagram)


I can't find the lug, nor is it clear what the upper end of the springs actually attach to (although i'm guessing the lug). If anyone could help with a link to a diagram which shows assembly or by posting a photo showing how the springs should be situated, that would be super.

I have attached a diagram of the lug (as i didn't take a photo this morning) the thing that confuses me is that there's no thread on it, so i can't see how (or for the moment where) it fits - i'm just sure it's critical!

Thanks in advance,



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Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:09 am quote
Gotta Love Piaggio. On most bikes, that lug is a welded part of the centerstand. Why Piaggio turns this into two separate parts is anyone's guess.
If you take the bike to any shop, they should be able to weld something onto the stand that looks like the stands on every bike made in Japan, and make it work. If you lost your springs, they will have those too.
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