Got my M1 which was way to easy...took me about 10mins to write and then immediately set up with my local dealer to come in for test rides on the MP3 and the 250 GTS i.e.

So I arrive at the dealer and he starts me off on the little 50cc. I have NEVER ridden a motorized scooter/bike before this point. So on I get and wow...I have this instant big dumb grin on my face as I zoom around the parking lot doing turns and speed tests and braking. And this was only the 50cc.

Then he moves me up the 150cc vespa and my enjoyment just get more intense as the smile on my face gets wider.

So after about 20mins of those two scoots he lets me on the 250gts. WOW!!!!

What a bike. It was quiet and the seat was soooo comfortable and it just handles like a dream. I didn't want to get off of it. I have not had this kind of fun ever I think and I was so glad that the dealer just let me ride as long as I wanted. I've read about the power and zip of this scoot but experiencing it is where it's at. I could totally see myself taking this on the 400 highways now with no problem at all.

Now FINALLY he brings over what I was there to try out from the beginning...the MP3!!!

This baby is heavy but nothing I couldn't handle. So the dealer shows me all the ins and outs of it and then says...have fun but be careful. I'm like, you bet I will!

So on I get and the resulting feeling I have deep inside myself is WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Need I say more? I could definitely feel the difference in the traction and the level of stability and was dying to take it out on the road but this was just a parking lot test so I zipped and zoomed around like a little kid.

Now for the people that have said that the MP3 is lacking in take off power from stand still I was lost. I took off from 0mph at one end of the 50metre parking lot and just gunned it and I was thinking...I could beat 90% of the cars on the road from stop on this baby. It felt like a workhorse and I had no sense of not having enough power.

Now of course this is a total virgin speaking who has never experience any bike at all so I'm not coming from riding Hogs and Japanese bikes that would probably scare the daylights outta me with that kind of power.

So there we are. What a blast that was and now it's just a matter of days before I buy one.

But I'm telling you, I wish I had the $$$ to buy both, the mp3 and the 250 gts.

One thing I was wondering and forgot to ask the dealer was whether the MP3 comes with a windshield or do you have to buy one. I would think that any bike should come with a stock shield but then again, my experience with bikes is NIL so...

I can hardly wait to get on whichever one I choose and ride on the roads and take some trips out to the beach and back.