Hello all:

We are often asked - mostly by women - how hot a motorcycle seat gets when parked in the sun for awhile. Why do women ask this question more often? Well - they tell us that they often ride with their significant others and are wearing shorts. They ask, "Can I get burned?" The answer is - absolutely YES!

On a hot sunny day, even when the air temperature is reasonable, an unprotected black seat (leather or vinyl) can reach temperatures of 160 degrees or more. No wonder it's too hot to touch - not to mention darned uncomfortable when you jump on. As in - hot, sweaty jeans.

But what about the ladies in shorts? Extremely hot! And yes - 3rd degree burns can result from as little as three seconds of skin touching 140 degrees or more.

Protect your seat and your butt and your lady riding with you! Get a CoolAss! Now at 2005 prices in celebration of our 10th year in business!
And oh by the way - women DO cause nearly half of all sales of CoolAss. Don't you owe it to her? And to yourself?



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