I've commented on this in a previous post, right from the start, my bike has sounded very clunky when ridden over any rough surface. I'd mentioned it to Bob at Vancouver Vespa several times, and he agrees, they do sound clunky. I even took out their demo bike and it was the same, though not quite as bad.

Well, yesterday, I was getting on the bike and I just happened to pull up on the handle bars and it made that noise while still stopped, so I jiggled it a little and the whole handle bar assembly lifted about a 1/4 inch and seemed loose, I carefully drove it back to the dealer and got them to look at it. They pulled everything apart to find that there was 2 nuts that were loose, one is to be tightened and the 2nd one is tightened up against it to lock it in place. I told them they need to check the demo bike, because it makes the same noise.

So, anyone whose bike makes a clunky front end noise on rough surfaces, really needs to get this checked out before something happens.

But other than that, I love my bike, just clicked over 4500 k.