Kisan Turn Signal Cancellation/Running Light/Flasher module
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2005 Dragon Red Vespa ET4 Speedster
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Mon Nov 07, 2005 9:35 am quote
I'm looking to purchase the Kisan module to transform my turn signals on my et4 into running lights and emergency flashers/escort lights.

My question is which part number do I need (What pin/plug configuration). Their site doesn't list a cross reference to Vespa and the person I talked to at the company didn't know either.

Anyone, anyone, bueller...

BTW, I installed the brake light modulator. Highly recommend it if it's legal where you are.
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Mon Nov 07, 2005 1:01 pm quote
Well I just looked through the diagram, my scooter and manuals for you, and it is not good news.

My LT-150 uses an "Electronic Control Module" for flashing the turn signals. I really do not want to try to reverse engineer that right now.

So if your ET4 used the same thing, it is noted:

"Note that the majority of Piaggio/Vespa models use a conventional turn signal system where the turn signals are operated by a seperate relay. On certain later models, however (see wiring diagrams) the turn signal relay is combined in the regulator/rectifier unit."

So the bad news is if you have one of these units, there will not be a directly replacement module you can use.

The good news though, is that from what I've seen of my scooter, the electrical system is soooooooo Simple that you can just do your own if you really want this.

Trace the turn signal switch to the "unit" cut before it goes into the unit then choose any of these modules.

I'll see if there is a more elegant solution after I finish my Euro Headlight Upgrade and DIY modulator.

Can you tell me more about the tail light modulator? I think I'd like to try to reverse engineer one as well.

Does it work as follows?

When break is applied, rather than a solid break light, the light just strobes instead?

If so, then I can just use another headlight modulator.
2005 Dragon Red Vespa ET4 Speedster
Joined: 07 Nov 2005
Posts: 2109
Location: Rappahannock Co., Virginia
Mon Nov 07, 2005 1:47 pm quote
Thanks for your research. I was afraid of that.

The Tailblazer brake modulator is pretty cool. It replaces your regular taillight bulb and your done. Although it looks like a regular bulb, it's really 2 pieces, a halogen bulb and a microprocessor base unit that controls the sequencing. The bulb is replacable anywhere but the unit comes with an extra. It's also much brighter than the standard bulb.


BE SAFE! Compared to a typical automobile, motorcycle stop lamps are simply too small to attract immediate attention. This is especially true for the cruisers because they are mounted so low to the ground.

tailBlazer overcomes this by rapidly flashing the taillights the instant you apply the brakes. The flash rate then slows down to a steady ON - this cycle lasts about 4 seconds. This flash pattern is called a Deceleration Warning.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) suggests that you pump your brakes at each stop. tailBlazer does it automatically, and by flashing both filaments for a maximum brightness.

tailBlazer Notes
■ Unique exponential decay flash pattern
■ As easy as replacing a bulb
■ Programmable taillight intensity
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