A local scooter shop has given me the task to get some input and deal with 2 vespa scooters with 177 upgrades. 1 of them is a p125x upgraded with a (polini) 177 kit with the steel cylinder aluminum piston and steel cylinder head . He threw a spaco non delorto 24/24 on it , never bothering messing with the jetting at all. The scoots owner ( total idiot with no vespa mechanic experience) ended up with a light soft seize of the piston and locked the scooter up after running it full throttle with a passenger. My job was and is now to fix it. I need some guidance please from others who have done the upgrades and get some input on jetting and other possible improvements. The piston and rings are intact with no scoring of the inner part of the cylinder . The idiot got lucky this time! I wasn't happy with the original cheap spaco main jet stack the carb had so I put in a 160/be3/116 jet into the carb before restarting the engine up again. The engine also has the auto oil feed mechanism to deal with as well. Any input or suggestions would be much appreciated please. Especially now that I have 2 of them to deal with.