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Tue Nov 08, 2005 5:49 am quote
Hi, I just joined the forum. I'm a Stella rider right now and loving it. When I move up in size it will be to a Vespa GTS 250, so natuarally I was very pleased to find this forum.

Three years ago I saw my first ET4. I've ridden all my life and had Cushman scooters as a kid. I always admired the Vespas and Lambrettas but somehow never got to own one. I thought scooters had gone away except for the Honda and Yamaha versions, so I was very happy to see the new Vespa.

I got this website from a post on hte BBS. Someone was complaining that the modern scooter section had been taken over by discussions on Chinese scooters. I find those interesting but they have tended to crowd out the Vespa posts.

I'm happy to be here but I won't have much to offer right now as I don't currently own a modern Vespa. If it's OK with you guys, I'll just lurk here now and then to keep myself current with what's going on with Vespa.

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Tue Nov 08, 2005 8:26 am quote
Okay by me. Participate or lurk or ask questions as you see fit. Glad you found us.
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