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Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:28 pm quote
Just got home from a fabulous trip from our house in Southeast WI, around Lake Michigan, up Door County, and ferried out to Washington Island and spent 3 hours riding around there as well. We headed out on Saturday morning, and headed south . We got stopped by the police around the area of Ohare airport. Initially I thought we were getting a ticket for flying through a yellow light, but the cop said he stopped us because in Illinois its illegal to share a lane (meaning cant ride side by side in your lane, must stagger). My wife NEVER rides side by side with me, or anyone, she needs her space, and she'd be the first to tell ya that! No ticket issued, and it was almost as if the cop just pulled us over out of curiousity of us. He was really a nice friendly guy, and was surprised that we rode these scooters all the way down there from WI ( mind you, this was only 2 hours into our trip!!!). We told him we are on our way all around Lake Michigan, and he wished us luck, and sent us on our way with a smile!
Saturday night we started looking for a room to stay in and found all hotels full, so we headed inland and found a hotel in Grandville MI ( a burb of Grand Rapids). We drove through rain the last 5 miles and got to our hotel just as it was getting dark.
The next day we had the continental breakfast before saddling up. I noted a couple Harleys with Kansas plates in the hotel parking lot as we headed off. We headed north and got back along the lake for some awesome scenery. We were heading to Charlevoix MI for the night. We could have went much farther, but were meeting up with a friend of ours we haven't seen in years. About an hours drive from Charlevoix we stopped at one of the roadside stops for a nice scenic view of the lake, and there were those two Harleys I saw at the hotel. I told one of the guys " It took me a while to catch up to you, but I found ya!!". We talked for a bit about our journey before we headed off to Charlevoix.
On Monday we visited our friend for quite a while, and suited up ( and thankfully my wife told me to wear my rainsuit) and got on the road after 2 pm.It rained off and on as we headed north. We crossed the mighty Mackinaw bridge under a cloudy skies, but pretty windy conditions. Not that's an impressive bridge, a must ride for everyone looking for a thrilling adventure! We stayed just over the bridge in the UP for the night.
Tuesday morning we crossed the UP in off and on rain showers and a high temp of 58 degrees. In fact, on the whole trip, with the exception of the first day, the temps never got to 70 degrees, and most of our riding was in temps in the upper 50's to about 60 degrees. We made great time, and crossed the UP, and made it just south of Green Bay WI , and did a few journeys off the beaten path to see a few of the Wi rustic roads. See this link for info on that http://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/dmv/motorcycles/mc-plate/rustic-roads.aspx . We stopped in pouring rain at a Taco Bell to use their Wifi to find a hotel. It was 450 mile day of riding.
Wednesday we headed up Door County WI to the top of the peninsula, and took a ferry ride to Washington Island, and rode our scooters all over that place. This would be a great destination to ride to for anyone, it was awesome! I want to ride that island again maybe next year when the trees will be in fall colors. On the ferry ride back to the mainland we put on rain suits again as we could see the rain coming across the bay.We spent the night about halfway down the peninsula , and yes, we checked in to a hotel soaking wet!
Thursday we covered a lot of ground sight seeing along the shore,getting cold and wet, and criss-crossing the countryside to hit a few more rustic roads, and my wife took a million pictures all through our trip. We could have st this point made it home in just over an hour, but I was getting pretty cold and hungry, so we checked into a room , warmed up and got a meal before bed.
This morning ( Friday) we took a leisurely ride the rest of the way home, detouring a little ways out of the way to stop and visit our daughter at her work.
Would I do this trip again? Hell yeah!!!!
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Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:46 pm quote
Awesome! That must have been a great ride (except for the rain). Thanks for posting the report.
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Sounds trip and thanks for sharing.
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