So here it is in September and I havenít posted on this thread since April. So much has happened, but slowly. The scooter has been at the panel beater, then had some bead blasting done to it in Cambridge then back to the panel beater and a bill about $2000 bigger than planned due to unforeseen rust. Again, I decided that scrimping now would only upset me later so the work was done. I took a little consolation from looking at a project they are working on to restore an old (1960s) Austin ice cream truck like Mr. Whippy for a local artisan ice cream company. If they havenít spent $40,000 they havenít spent a cent! I look forward to enjoying an ice cream this summer.
The panel work is all complete and the painter has everything as of today. He expects to get onto the job next week and hopefully I will have a million pieces to reconstruct soon.
Discussion with my local Vespa 🛵 dealer suggested that winter isnít the best time for them to be doing restoration work as many clients have their maintenance done while itís wet and a bit cool. We donít get extremes of weather in Hamilton, frost is about as bad as it gets here, and being dairy country the farmers think we are in full drought conditions if it doesnít rain in a 7 day period. We have had a wet winter so plenty of bikes and scooters passed through the workshop.
I will update with photos when I get all the bits back from the painter.