My small frame needed a rebuild and I bought some parts for a reasonably nice performance rebuild. Since I bought a p200 and am feeling like a stockish motor for the small frame may be more sensible for the riding it will be subjected to.

I bought the following parts: (all new, never installed)
-Drt short 4th
-27/69 primary straight cut gears
-Malossi clutch spring and new clutch pads
-Malossi 135cc
-Mazzi Small Frame Large Taper 20/20 Cut Crank
-Small Frame 4 Speed Gear Kit, Original Piaggio Gears
-Small Frame Bearing set
-Small Frame Gasket set
-Cylinder Stud 7mm 125/150cc
-Primavera Cylinder Shroud 90/125
-I have a shb 19/19 or a polini cp21 and a SIP road pipe I can include.
-My cases seem to be in useable condition, but no guarantee. Some damage to the intake patch.
-I have a pk electronic ignition and flywheel, I would prefer to keep that since it matches my wiring harness.

*If anyone is interested I will trade for a solid, good running stock-stockish 4 et3

*I don't want to sell individual components, if no one is interested in a trade I won't be sad to move forward with this project.

*I am willing to ship.