I have purchased a new scooter and want to sell the current ride. This Vespa is in perfect mechanical condition, but there is a scratch and dent on the left side. I am the only owner of this beauty, but do not need two scooters. This is perfect for someone that wants a 300, but doesnít want to risk learning on a new $7,000 machine. Iím looking for $2,800 obo. This Vespa has both keys as well as the toolkit in the glovebox. This scooter also has the following accessories: Heavy Bar Ends, Faco Flyscreen, and Short Mirrors (lane splitting is easier). Everything else is stock. Images are availabe on the Craigslist page here: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/mcy/d/2011-gts-300ie/6436295689.html