Scoot has been sold.

My 2008 GTS has given up the ghost, with an engine failure resulting in a lot of crankshaft slop. It was full of oil, but something must have been clogged or otherwise stopped up. I really don't know and once the crankshaft slop was noted I didn't have the shop go any further into it.

As seen in the pics, it has a scar on the cowl from when it fell onto a curb (and a corresponding dent in the leg shield). I bought it used a couple of years ago, so I don't know exactly what kind of life it led before I owned it.

I'd like to offer it for parts, but if you want a project it might be worth something to you as well. Let's call it $100, which will cover my towing charge, and I'll also note that it has a clean title.

It is located at Chesapeake Cycles in Annapolis, which is where it would need to be picked up.

Let me know if I can answer any questions. Thanks for looking.