May I post a Public Service Announcement now that we're into the wet heavy snow weather: tonight another car was stuck in the dead-end at the end of my street. Remembering the same thing that happened to me a couple of weeks ago -- if you're stuck turn off the ESC/traction control/anti-skid or whatever it's called if your car has it. The ESR system reduces power to the driving wheels when one starts to slip; you want full power available to get unstuck.

It took a little pushing to get the car started, but we got it out.

I'll add: know the location of the tow points on your car. Someone came with a 4WD SUV and a chain but we couldn't find a place to attach the chain to the front of the car [that wouldn't tear up the bumper]. (I know where it is on my car's rear, but I'll have to check the owner's manual for the front.)

Same probably goes for scooters with ASR, but I don't see that many scooters stuck.