Hey all,

So I have a box of parts left over from my 1976 Vespa Super build. Looking to find a home for some of this stuff. Some things include:

-150 cyl/cyl head/piston/wrist pin/ etc in good condition. Held compression well (it was ~115 PSI)

-original tractor seat

-2 speedo cables (one in box, ones used but good condition)

-150 original crank - good condition - rod does not touch sides of crank when pulled.

-plastic american tank switch -SOLD

Other things as well

some pics of the stuff: https://imgur.com/a/U9XBx
It would be great to sell locally in SF/Bay area. But can ship for a decent offer. I'll drop the rest of the parts off at the local vespa shop here that are not needed here.