Sold it to a guy in Lubbock, TX. Hope he has fun!

Well folks, I've decided to sell my scooter. I haven't really ridden much in the last couple years, since I retired from secular work. I'm busier now than I was when I was working!

Accessories/upgrades include:
Vespa rear rack.
Givi E30 topcase.
Kisan headlight modulator.
Rear crash bars.
License plate frame.
Cut down Vespa tall windscreen.
RAM GPS mount.
Stebel Magnum Horn.
5 volt power jack.
Side stand.
12 volt connector for Battery Tender.
Custom mirror stalk mounted thermometer.
MSR spare fuel bottle.

4315 miles on the odometer.

Asking $1850.

Buyer beware: There seems be a cold start issue. It may be just that it isn't started often or maybe the automatic "choke" needs repair. Also the clock battery appears to be dead.

edit/update: I went out this morning and it started right up. So maybe the "cold start issue" was just because it hadn't been started regularly.

I will also throw in an extra blue key, a couple helmets, a jacket, a set of frogg toggs, an extra belt and rollers, a "No Pets" seat cover, and who knows what else.