Ran into another rider yesterday on our commute home. He's got a BEAUTIFUL Sei Giorno with matching helmet. Malossi pipe, modulating break lights, upgraded horn, crash bars...

Back on Topic, we want to go out for a ride from West Sacramento down into the Delta and back. Sunday the 27th.

Meet up at Lenise's Cafe 3150 West Jefferson Blvd. 9am. Get some coffee, grub and or Mimosa's ($3 or bottomless for $9.99). As we are unable to get together to work out the details of the ride, we will map out our route from 9-9:30. Then take off from there.

There's a Chevron next door for fuel and or air.

Possibly swing by the Old Sugarmill in Clarksburg on the way back to West Sac. 11+ Wineries housed in one location!

As of now, there's three of us with 300cc rides planning on going. I'd be open to as many to join us from the area! Maybe 150cc and up. Just don't want the 50cc types to be left too far behind!

Call/Text if you want to join in: 916.201.9436 Todd