I don't know if this has been covered before but I'll show you what i did. My glove box has never worked right in the year and a half I've owned it. Some times it opens a little sometimes nothing. When it opens a little I can manage to get it to open all the way. I saw on one of Robots videos the screws on the securing plates get loose and cause this problem. While waiting for parts I decided to address it. I pulled the glove box off and found that the one hinge was holding on by a thread and the other was missing its plate and screw. I decided maybe it fell below the floor board so off it came. I fished around with a magnet and nothing. I then found the part number and AF1 had 5 in stock but with the scoot on the lift and apart I didn't want to wait. I called the 2 nearest dealers and no luck. So I decided to make one. I took a mending plate and did the double bend. Then I Cut the notch and had my 2 tabs. Drilled the hole and I had my 3 dollar part. Screwed it back on and all is good. Here are pictures:

GTS before.JPG
Before, no wonder it didn't work.

gts after.JPG
All better