Need help from someone familiar with 250/300 QUASAR engines
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Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:23 am quote
Hi guys, whipped the head off of my 300 and took it to a shop as you guys suggested and turns out its shot

Now for the next problem, I am running on a tight budget and am struggling to find a 300 cylinder head second hand STILL. The closest I can find is a BV250 cylinder head and when these are held side-by-side they look exactly identical however there is a big stamped number by the spark plug hole on these heads and they are different. The code printed on my original cylinder head is 995035, however when you google this number it comes up with many second hand heads (all with the same code) but for a variety of engines starting at 125 MP3 engines.

I would like to know if a beverly 250 head will fit on my 300 engine or if anyone knows which ones will? I really cannot afford to fork out for a brand new 300 head so a cheaper alternative would be nice.

Here is a link for a cylinder head with the same part number but for a MP3 125 MP3 Head and here is a link to the 250 cylinder head I have compared with my own (in person) Beverly 250 head

Many thanks
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Thu Aug 09, 2018 2:37 pm quote
I believe all the Quasar engines, 125, 250 and 300, use the same head. There must be many guys on this forum who have fitted Malossi V4 heads, and have their original heads lying in the shed, one near you maybe.

I'm sure you will get some responses here.
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