ok guys, few years ago I made this presentation as explanation how to install the Fuoco or other rims that do not have special mount points for ABS ring like the >2016 Vespas

now that I possess again one Vespa (this time 2018. model) I would like to swap the OEM 5 spoke rims for at least the Fuocos (damn, Zelioni rims are so gorgeous, but really to expensive) to the Fuocos

I have one pair of Fuocos with some scratches and in silver metallic paint (puke!)

so the idea was to sand them, repair the scratches and have them properly painted

but in order to avoid the patch solution used on early ABS models with the wheel bolt with the thread in the head, holding the ABS ring, I would like to have one rim machined to imitate properly the OEM setup of >2016 models.

So, could somebody, having >2016, do the measurement that I have described on page 4 ("step 1") of the attached PDF document?

thank you in advance

P.S. I just found that I have posted the solution using the patch solution here: http://modernvespa.com/forum/topic150558 still would like to make Fuocos look the job with proper machining

what to do.pdf
some instructions that need measurement

 Filename:  what to do.pdf
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