The GTs are getting harder to find. It is very similar to a GTS. The major difference is that the GT is carbureted rather than fuel injected. Many people like the simpler system with no computer, injector, O2 sensor or other electronic parts. You might think that a 200 would be slower than a 250 or 300 but not so. I've had a 250 for years and I think the 200 with the carb might, actually be a little faster but not much. The performance differences are subtle. It can cruise all day at 70-75mph.

The good:

It is in excellent mechanical condition. I know the previous owner personally and he is a stickler for maintenance. Everything works perfectly. All the fluids are up to date including a recent oil change and valve adjustment. It has practically new Pirelli Power Pure tires on it. The wheels have been powder coated gloss black. I have both the blue service key and the brown master key. I would not hesitate to jump on it and ride it across the country as it is. It has 15k miles on it

The bad:

It has a salvage title because it has been laid over and scratched on both sides. The cost to have it professionally repainted was more than it was worth so it was written off. That does not mean that it can't be tagged and or insured. My original intention, when I bought it was to paint it myself and sell it for a profit but I have too many projects right now and I'm ready to let it go for what I have in it. This would be a chance for you to get a GT that is ready to ride at a reasonable price. You could, of course have the cowels repainted at a later date.

The ugly:

You could and I would ride it just as it is and call it patina or urban cred. You could put another sticker on the other side and call it good or have it painted. BTW the crash bars are scratched too. They are included.

You are, of course more than welcome to come and test ride it. If you want to fly in and ride it home I can pick you up at the airport, bus terminal or train station. If you want to have it shipped I will work with whatever carrier you choose.

Let me know if you want more pictures. If you want to talk to me or if you have any other questions send me a PM and I will give you my phone number.

I'm having trouble uploading pictures. I'm working on it. If you want pictures send me a PM and we'll see if that works. If not I can email them to you.

Update: I am still having trouble uploading pictures but I have it listed on the Wichita Craigslist and you can see pictures there.