malossi fly clutch 2009 MP3 500
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Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:20 am quote
I really could not find the info I wanted to find when I was searching for info on clutches. while a few recommend the dr.pulley hit with fervor i found other feedback of users that were sill having chatter issues with the hit clutch. I also cant wrap my head around the clutch making any difference past 5000 rpm. I would think no clutch could slip above that rpm. and there was certainly no signs of heat on my stock clutch bell with 19,000km on it. More than anything I wanted to eliminate the final annoyance the bike had and that was belt chatter. which I beleive happens as the clutch skips on the bell during half clutch operation. this results in the belt chattering.

So opted for the fly clutch and the white contra spring. purchased from scooterpartsco

so I am happy to report this setup is nothing short of awesome. here is what I experience.

the transmission is overall more quiet and smooth. less vibrations.

low speed chatter gone. wiped off the map.

clutch engages and disengages much quicker than stock shoes. this makes the bike drive with far more precision. where it is most noticable is coasting up to traffic light and the clutch drops out of engagement. with the stock clutch it is absolute pain to re-engage the clutch to get a little more coast speed. with the malossi its a complete joy. it locks back in quickly and smoothly.

low speed putting around is much improved for the same reason. the clutch locks in at slightly higher rpm but it does it quickly and smoothly so it is easier to make slow speed maneuvers.

after a couple of hours with clutch I couldnt get over how much more enjoyable driving on this clutch is. piaggio should get with malossi and sell the bike stock with this setup.

no negatives that I can think of. fabulous addition to your 500.

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Tue Oct 30, 2018 7:40 am quote
Mine experience with Malossi clutch.

It was installed to my Bigbeo by someone before me (total mileage was 20000 miles/32000 km). This happened: the clutch shoes lost friction pads and melted, thus welded to clutch bell. So the engine started on centerstand, but no chance to start the bike when you're on it with rear wheel on the road.

Luckily a friend was with me, who kicked me to help the engine roll on start. This was a really bad experience: 300 km in the darkest night, at +14 Celsius, on a Beo which won't start if you stop it to refuel or to water bushes on the roadside.

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