SOLD as of 11/2/2018

State Farm decided to call my 2009 MP3 500 a total loss after an attempted theft two weeks ago. My loss is your gain. I removed my UFPs and UPPs from the bike before they took it.

If you have an MP3 500 you know that having multiple foot position options is critical for longer rides. Unfortunately, the MP3 only offers one foot position. The UFPs are a perfect solution for that.

Likewise, if you ever ride with a passenger they know all too well that the passenger footrests are greatly lacking comfort and grip. My 5'4" wife learned that very quickly on one of our longer rides. The UPPs are an excellent option to mount a passenger peg and provide a more grippy footrest. If you don't have a passenger onboard just fold the peg up and out of your way.

I'm selling both sets of brackets, spacers, folding foot pegs, and bolts. Everything is in great condition with a little expected wearing from riding. There is a spot of surface rust under the UPPs that will come off easily with a wire brush. I'm asking $150 for the set, or $85 for each for the front or rear sets. I'll cover the cost of shipping. Save twenty bucks and buy them all as they are rare items. The front brackets are currently not available new, and the rear brackets will never be produced again. The original price for the brackets, not including pegs, was $115 per pair.

PM me if you are interested in purchasing. I will ship anywhere in the USA. I will consider shipping outside the country if the cost is not prohibitively high.