Asking: $499

25-Nov Update: I am running out of time before I move across the country and I don't want to take the broken scooter with me. Last week I mailed the clear MA title to RMV (aka DMV) to get the Owner Retained Title which is required to continue to operate it. I wasn't aware I needed to send in the clear title myself to get the Owner Retained Title after a total loss accident - someone that read the craigslist ad told me about this. The owner retained title should arrive in mid-to-late-December. I need to sell this ideally by 27-Nov, and absolutely by 20-Dec.

15-Nov Update: I'm updating this story to include pictures and a clearer story of this scooter's history.

I purchased this 2015 Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport new around January 2016. I currently hold the title; there is no lien. The title that I hold indicates that this is a clean vehicle. However, the vehicle has a salvage title. I will explain why in a minute. When I sell you the scooter, the title you will receive from the state will indicate salvage. You can confirm this in CarFax. The VIN is: ZAPM459L4F5100497. However, to clarify, you CAN get a rebuilt title on this scooter if you're willing to get the bolt out and show that the frame damage does not affect vehicle stability.

Two years ago, I was rear ended by an elderly driver while stopped on a city street waiting for a pedestrian to finish crossing the street in a cross walk. I could not have been less at fault. His insurance found him at fault. I was able to drive the vehicle to Vespa Boston (Herb Chambers). Once there, they indicated it would be $10,000.00 to repair the vehicle (yes, as in more than the purchase price). You can call Vespa Boston to confirm this.

His insurance was notified and of course they totaled out the scooter. I took the cash pay out and bought the scooter back from them. I continued driving the scooter up until about 2 weeks ago without any problems. The issue was when I was rear ended, the frame was slightly bent. Not enough to affect the ride quality, but enough to be noticeable. Its essentially not repairable. I replaced all of the plastic bits that were broken off including the rear light.

Two weeks ago I got a flat tire. I was removing the muffler, and then swing arm, when one of the two M8 bolts that holds the swing arm to the engine case sheared clean off. I can't get it out, nor could Vespa. That is literally all that is wrong with the scooter at this point. The body of the scooter is in generally great shape. No cracks or noticeable scratches, never dropped. I have BOTH KEYS!

The following upgrades in the pictures are NOT INCLUDED:
- Windscreen
- milk crate
- auxiliary rear LED lights
- pillion foot peg extenders
- rear rack (you will need to get either a bar or a rack)

The following upgrades in the pictures ARE INCLUDED:
- dual USB ports
- heated grips
- heated seat
- All lights (except headlight) replaced with LEDs
- white LED running lights (from European Vespa)
- removed US DOT reflectors
- entire scooter "blacked" (aka "Murdered") out by Vespa Motorsports in San Diego CA (I shipped them all the parts and they professionally painted them black)