39 degrees F. and froggy....
At one time my vision changed quite a bit ---- visor was up because it was fogged up inside and outside. But .then I noticed that the right lens on my spectacles was totally fogged and I was riding one-eyed! Mon-occulared! (made that word up)

I have a little red 2eyed LED slow-blink bike light attached to my rear crash bar - for use in rain and fog riding. It is very bright from the rear. Can be programmed to various blinks (amazon a few yrs ago).

In town was filthy with leaves.
Just nice to be out on the road again!

* Back near my house I had a stupid tailgater, with no good place to pull over. My street intersection is coming up & known to be covered in wet leaves. Not a good idea to turn or brake into that street at this speed - so carried on past, circled the block to get rid of the idiot and came back to my street. PAYS to know your route!!