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Thu Jun 18, 2020 5:25 am quote
Follow up -- after finally connecting to Beeline support, I was asked to do what I would call a hard reset by depressing the on/off switch for 30 seconds. That worked, but two things: 1) would have been nice for that suggestion to be in the documentation provided or easily accessible in the FAQ page and 2) I still don't have much confidence in a device that needed a hard reset to start from brand new out of the box. Ci vediamo.
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Sun Jun 28, 2020 12:28 pm quote
Re: Meanwhile...
amateriat wrote:
Looking forward to your trying the Beeline out on that route…especially interested in how it teases out all those exits on-screen.

In the meantime: The frustrating thing for me is that by the time I got all this stuff sorted out, along with the fact that the Vespa totally crushes it in terms of commute time and parking for my purposes, everything got shut down; rolling into/out of Gotham is low-risk, but the moment I dismount and pull my helmet off, I'm in play, which is simply unacceptable in a hot zone. (Damn…just got my replacement E-ZPass in the mail, too.) Here’s to things getting back to some facsimile of normal before terribly long for everyone.
I did use the Beeline Moto twice on the George Washington Bridge today. Coming back into Manhattan there were no issues. Exits were clearly indicated and I hadn’t checked in advance which route the app had chosen for me; just following on screen directions got me to the destinations.

Of course an even better test would be if someone who isn’t familiar with that bridge and its exits were to report on how the Beeline Moto’s navigation helped them sort that out.
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Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:40 pm quote
And Garmin ZUMO XT nailed it, has weather radar built in, you can watch the weather radar on the GPS screen and make sure you don't ride into a storm.
This feature saved my butt a few times yesterday.
This and integration of connecting the Garmin InReach Mini and this thing ROCKS! Blows my ZUMO 550 out of the water.
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