Replaced Shocks(front/rear), changed engine oil/gear oil
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Wed Jun 26, 2019 8:28 pm quote
So finally I got around to replacing the shocks front and rear, both are Malossi Rs24's and used Clauss bushings for the rear.
So here are some things that are not mentioned by others who have shared these tasks being done.
All bolts/nuts I had sprayed with home brew of 50/50 acetone/ATF (penetrating fluid)
Yes it can be simple if everything goes according to plan.
So for the front shock, getting the OEM shock wasn't difficult even though the nuts were misbehaving. But getting the new shock in was an interesting challenge one of the nuts has to hold a cable clamp as well and it is not fun laying on the concrete (sidewalk) and trying to get it hooked onto one thread.

The rear shocks were relatively easier. Taking OEM shocks was not fun the nut on the top doesn't break loose easily, at first you have your socket in trying to loosen it but the whole shock is twisting and you think it is not good, then you say to yourself if the shocks are gone at least you have the new ones and you continue to loosen and the shock twists through and the bushing below starts to twist, finally it breaks loose.
The issue with the Malossi I have is the number of washers they give you is 2 but the OEM has on one large washer and a spring washer both go on on the top after you put the bushing.
I hope I have done the correct thing, bushing, then slide it through the hole at the top, place the other bushing, then place one of the washers (one with the smaller inner diameter)then put one nut on, tighten it then add the second nut and tighten that.
The right side the shock needs some help to slide over the bolt at the bottom, I tried to push it in but it is at an angle & doesn't want o go in, I managed to wedge a hammer under the shock just enough to compress maybe an 1/8 of a mm to nudge the shock into the bolt
Tightened and all is fine.
Taking the exhaust was not fun the clamp wouldn't budge, so I took all the three Torx head bolts ( one closest to the exhaust clamp I had to chisel out it had stripped.
Took exhaust off with the clamp on then tapped the clamp off ( will soak it in rust remover liquid) Thank god I had a spare exhaust clamp.
Replaced engine oil (installed a K&N filter, the 24mm nut that holds the screen mesh filter was a pain to break loose. But it was fine.
Drained and filled gear oil though I am not sure what is the level check? I measured out 250ml of the gear oil and added it.

Note of caution to anyone doing it without a bench and or on the sidewalk, have to be aware that you will be in positions that dont help the body.
Overall success installing
I have not done any preload adjustments etc. I dont know how to know that ride quality is for the better.
Thoe whole thing took me 4 hours to finish incldes time to get tools out to and from the sidewalk.

I would do it again though despite a lot pain in the butt issues.
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Thu Jun 27, 2019 3:39 am quote
For the front shock, its better to take off the handle bars and drop the front fork out completely. Then you can put new steering bearings in, as these need replacing or at least re-greasing after time.
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