Hardly worn Draggin jeans kevlar pant liner. I wear 32x32 jeans and these fit


For more info check out website here ( click on review tab for comments ) ;

Draggin Liners - Draggin' Jeanswww.dragginjeans.com/mens/draggin-liners/

No smoking, no pets household, so no funky odors, stains, or hair/fuzz to deal with.

$85 shipped USA

Paypal to net me $85.

All sales will be shipped from Hawaii, anywhere in USA via USPS flat rate

priority mail insured to cover $85 value.

All sales will be final. No returns/refund.

Study the photos; do your due diligence on Google, pm me if you have any

questions,or if you would like to buy.

Photos ; first two ( outer front and back ) second two ( inside front and back;

also note extra layer of kevlar on knees and also rear seat wrapped around to

hip area )