Security options for 300 GTS Super
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Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:52 am quote
Replace Vehicle with Scooter.


Bill x
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Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:39 am quote
northernerbill wrote:
Back on track.

Make sure the disc lock is also an alarm disc lock. And fit it high up in the shock/calliper region.

Your already sorting a chain lock by the sounds of it.

Then the Monimoto tracker is brilliant. Costs about 120, and once the monthly sim charge starts its 3pm. You have a fob you keep on your person and an App on the phone. If the fob and phone are 15 metres away or more and your bike is disturbed in any way it will ring you and send you GPS notifications. It needs no wiring in, just tuck it away somewhere on the scoot out of site (size of a smarties tube).
So yeh definitely get the Monimoto!!!!!!!!!!!

And good luck
+1 on the Monimoto
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Wed Nov 06, 2019 8:16 am quote
Re: Plus
robinm wrote:
znomit wrote:
Bill Dog wrote:
All 3 of my GTS's had attempted thefts. No one tried to steal either Kymco.
Even those rotters have some standards.
The GTS is a nice powerful scooter that's easy to ride but the main reason they're targeted is because they have no effective inbuilt security. Once they've cut away any additional locks then they can ride the bike as if it's their own. The inbuilt immobiliser can be removed easily and the steering lock takes just a quick tug to break. These issues have been known about for years but Vespa has done nothing to bring their security up to the same level as other other manufacturers. That's why thieves will always go for a GTS before any other bike in the motorcycle bay.
I'm late to the party on this, but as a London driver - I'm sad to report my 300gts has been stolen 4 times (this last time with the VIN number changed - so probably a write off now). It has a tracker in it - which has helped it to be recovered - but while I love the style of the Vespa, I agree that Vespa doesn't give a crap about security... the first 2 thefts - it was an easy, rip the seat open, and the security unit is right there so it can be replaced in minutes and they can drive off. The chain and disc lock make little difference as the portable angle grinders cut that in very little time too. The 3rd theft - was lifted into a van, and the 4th I'm not sure...

But the point here is - why is the security mechanism under the seat? And in this day of modern security - having stolen a bike, why doesn't it totally shut down until you present some form of encryption key - which should be very hard to get from a Vespa dealer? If they really cared - they would try much harder to make a stolen bike driveable.

So I'm sad - my Vespa dream is dying... my previous GTV250 (also stolen when my daughter was born) was my favourite one... but the slipping clutch was always an issue on that... and the GTS, well the crappy indicator switch really annoyed me... so bit my bit they are pushing me away.
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