For sale- Barely used Delkevic SS, 14", oval muffler with SS, slip-on headpipe that was on my 2018 Vespa GTS briefly for a test run. Bit too loud for my taste, but includes the DB killer and much the same lively sound as a free flow system IMO. Listen to a youtube video of most 250c.c. MC's and hear what to expect soundwise.
These mufflers are hand built and polished in the UK with a USA supplier at hand for parts,etc.. Listed on their website as: PR1828 for $150. I bought the headpipe separately from the UK too. It uses the exact same exhaust seal as the OEM Vespa system.

Requires specific fasteners/spacers which I will include.
I am a professional mechanic-> questions are welcome.

Fits nicely to this scooter and hard to find a high end system for this price.
Weight of muffler alone = 4.23 lbs. The pipe might weigh barely one lb?

I want $150 complete & well packed, plus actual cost shipping to your location.

Save my hearing.