I have a 2007 Piaggio MP3 250 Scooter I need to sell. It has a custom made seat that cost $972 to be made, a custom larger windscreen, heated grips, Piaggio Top Case, room for two helmets for storage under the seat, turn signal indicators on the mirrors, and led lights underneath the bike. I bought it when it had 10,000 miles and now it has a little over 20,000 miles.

It runs great and has been kept inside a garage the whole time I had it. It does have some cracked plastic on the windshield (it got backed into when it was parked) but other than that it works great.

It also comes with a nice Formosa scooter cover to protect it from the rain/sun. I usually carry it in the top case, it does have a few small holes as you can see in one of the pictures. Also the previous owner added a extra brake light to the back that attaches to the top case and he added turn signal lights to the mirrors. All of these extra lights do work.

I put a new rear tire on the back in 2014, and still has plenty of tread. This bike has gone to the dark side as you can see in the pictures and has been great (dark side meaning it has a car tire on the rear). I put new front tires on it at 12,345 miles so they might need to be replaced in another thousand or two.

I changed the CVT belt and rollers when it had 13,652 miles. I replaced the spark plug and hub oil at 12,876 miles. I replaced te speed sensor wire when it had 10,803 miles when the front lockup was having problems, and that fixed it.

I also made vinyl decals for the speedometers and sold them to members of the forums years ago, and this one has one of my styles on it. I actually opened the speedometer and put it on the guage itself so it is easier to see at night and when the sun is shinning on it.

It also has some cracks and holes on the front back plastic shield where your knees are near (where the parking brake lever is) the previous owner tried to put a cigarette lighter on it, but they didn't know that the bike would hit it when turning and they took it out. I put one on the top right of the dash and has been working great. But sadly I never patched their hole they made. See one of the pictures below for more details.

Also the previous owner had a lot of wires coming off the battery to have a plug to trickle charge the battery, and wires for heated jackets, but the battery was a mess. I tried to remove the most I could but the cover for the battery won't shut all the way, but it is way better than what it was like.

It also has a handy cup holder I keep underneath the seat and hook up when I have a drink. The previous owner put weights on it so it helps keep the cup level. And it works good Two of the weights came off, but they were just zip tied to it so I can add them back.

Overall it's been a great bike. No issues with tilt lock up, notch in steering, or any engine issues. I haven't used the lighting underneath the bike the previous owner had put on it, since I am not the kind to drive around with neon lights under their car but some might be. It also had an air horn (you can see there are some scree holes in the right foot rest where the button was to turn it on) but it got water in it, it was placed underneath the bike so it didn't last long from the previous owner so I removed it and the button.

Let me know if you have any quesrions. Sugar City is about 35 minutes north of Idaho Falls. I really would like to keep it but, we need it to get a new furnace for the house so I guess its time to let it go.














Remote and switch for the undercaridge lights

Example of one of the led lights underneath, there are many of them

Cup holder



Rear tire