Is Zebra Scooter Rental a Scam???
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Thu May 09, 2019 5:27 pm quote
irieman wrote:
allout1 wrote:
tortoise wrote:
allout1 wrote:
I'm in San Diego.
Will California require you to have an M drivers license endorsement, and the scooter to be registered, plated, and insured?
No, it's too small. Just have to have a regular DL and helmet.
Respectfully, I believe your assessment on the M1 endorsement to be incorrect (emphasis added):
Applying for a motorcycle license
Applying for your motorcycle license is similar to applying for a driver license. There are two classes of motorcycle licenses, Class M1 and Class M2.

With a Class M1, you can operate any 2-wheel motorcycle and any motorized vehicle in Class M2. With a Class M2, you can only operate any motorized bicycle or moped or any bicycle with an attached motor.

Effective January 1, 2006, you may operate a motorized scooter with a Class M1 or M2 driver license. Prior to January 1, 2006, you must have a Class C or higher driver license to operate a motorized scooter.

A motorized scooter is defined as: A two-wheeled "device" powered by a motor with a floorboard that is designed to stand on when riding. The scooter may also have a driver's seat.

I could be wrong though.
You're both wrong in a way - but not badly.

A motorized scooter can now be ridden ('driven') with either an M1, M2, or C licence. Note that in CA you do not have to have a C licence (regular car driver's licence) to have an M1 or M2 licence, unlike some other states.
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Wed May 15, 2019 6:29 am quote
jimc wrote:
You're both wrong in a way - but not badly. ...
Thanks for the update JimC! I did not notice that stipulation has changed; but you know- once you have the M1, why would you pay attention any longer? *wink*.

have a great day!
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