Will a Stock P200 Battery Power an LED Headlight?
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Fri May 10, 2019 10:19 am quote
I am looking at LED sealed beam headlights and understand that they must be powered with DC, rather than AC. So I am thinking about disconnecting the purple AC wire that leads to the High/Low switch then replacing it with a keyed DC wire so the headlight will run off the battery. I was also thinking about re purposing the thumb on/off switch as an on/off for the headlight. Will this work or am I going to have a dead battery in a few miles?

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Fri May 10, 2019 11:05 am quote
I'm not to sure Rick. In the past, most everyone either "floats" the ground on the Stella or the newer PX150 scooters to get a full wave DC system. Nowadays it's getting more popular to just install a new SIP Vape stator that has full DC output. With the older P series, my research showed me that there wasn't a good way of converting them over to DC.

What i read about running DC power directly from the battery, the battery couldn't keep up powering the HID/DC headlights, and it would slowly be drained.

I did a short "project report" on installing an AC to DC converter on my non-battery PK125 last year. It was super duper simple. Maybe that's the answer for you too?

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