(photos can be found here)

2016 Piaggio MP3 500
One owner
22,716 miles (mostly freeway commute)
Accessories include an upgraded windscreen, smartphone stand, and a storage container

This is a three-wheeled motorcycle scooter. Unlike the spider can-ams (which basically feel like driving a car) the two wheels in the front pivot as you turn. It drives just like a bike with two wheels. You lean into turns and have a narrow profile.

The chief benefit of the third wheel is the added safety. A lot of YouTube videos show people driving bikes like this in snow or ice. The bike slides around but doesn't fall over. It's also easier to push the bike around when parked because you can lock the two front wheels and not have to balance the bike as you pull it out of a parking spot.

The bike is properly maintained and in excellent operating condition, except that the handle on the storage container gets stuck if you fold it down (so I leave it out; see image). I like the bike a lot and have never had any mechanical issues with it. However, now that I'm done with law school, I no longer need it for the commute and the parking situation.

Price is firm. Bluebook is about $5k and I've seen other bikes with similar mileage go for $5k. The buyer may also purchase any of my helmets, jackets, and accessories at a favourable price. Whatever gear they don't want I'll sell on Craigslist separately.

(Husband decided to update the ad/listing that is cross posted on Craigslist)