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Mon May 20, 2019 2:39 pm quote
I'm interested in lowering RPMs on my kitted Stella at "highway speeds"; I know that changing clutches is one way to do it (I am currently running a 21-tooth Cosa-II-type clutch), but with my cases apart I was wondering if there was any reason to think about changing out the fourth gear cog for something taller (which would be what...). Has anyone done this (and can offer advice on what to look for in terms of # of teeth in the replacement gear?
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Tue May 21, 2019 1:01 pm quote
Out of the many Stellas I have built, I found the most fun backroads gearing is 23/65 with a shorter 4th.

A few other experienceS:
22/68 on a 25hp engine was way too short, revs up a wall at 70+mph

24/63 was good with a short fourth in a 30+hp smallblock Stella motor, but worked best with a 221cc 200 motor.

24/62 with a SHORTER 4th (Pinasco primary) is really fun too, again, these are higher end builds.

Both 24/63 and 24/62 are really chill at 55mph, but go beyond 80 if needed. I have take the 24/62 on the highway several times and can cruise alongside most cars at 60-70mph.
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