Vespa trailer by baxley. Very rare! Only 1500 made. It's hinged. The rails where the wheels go hinge to ground level onto the pavement by releasing the lever that connects it to the part that's pointing up at a 45º angle. Once the scooter is secured, the 45º part acts as a lever to lift the part where the scooter is off the ground. No ramps needed, no pushing a heavy bike up an incline.

Tote Dual Scooter Trailer for sale in Phoenix Arizona. You must pick up or arrange transport.

Baxley Vespa Tote trailer is no longer made and has a unique design where the tongue folds over the front of the trailer to drop the trailer to ground level to easily roll scooters on.

This tote trailer carries 2 bikes. In near new shape. New tires, clear and clean title, new tags.

The Chocks are patented specifically designed to work with wheels from 8" up to 16", and from 80mm tires up to 120mm tires. The locking cradle mechanism safely and securely supports your bike in an upright position and keeps it there. Attaching and detaching the unit takes only a few seconds. Tying down your bike becomes a simple and easy task for one person.

Good for any mid scooter, vintage scooters, Vespa classic scooter, small newer vespas, vino scooters, buddy scooters, Honda elite, Stella scooters, small diameter wheel Doesn’t quite work for maxi scoots.

This Vespa tote is licensed, and the SB001 cruiser hauler (baxley Trailer) was derived by the Vespa trailer itself.

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