So here's the story:

I am moving to Peru on the 18th of June. I was planning to sell my beloved 2008 midnight blue GTS 250 as I couldn't take it to Peru with me. I found a buyer and was ready to sell it to him.


Two days ago I was forced to park my Vespa on the side street while I brought it back from getting serviced, with 18,000 miles on the clock.

Unfortunately, a truck reversed on it, destroying the front bumper and doing severe damage to the front fork.

The Vespa runs, but now needs work to be done that I cannot do, for lack of funds and time. I of course lost the buyer.

I'm selling it at $1000, or best offer. The engine is in perfect condition. It has a clean title. I have both the blue and brown keys. It has brand new wheels (Michelin Power Pures). It has a brand new battery, and several improved accessories such as a Vespa-branded rear guard, brighter rear light, louder horn and brand new front light.

I'm also selling it with a battery charger which serves as an emergency power pack at home (a $100 value). I am also including a GTS250ie sticker to replace the one on the port side of the scooter which I had meant to replace, as well as paint samples and a used ORIGINE O535 Vista Half Helmet with Race Stripe (Flat Red, Large).

If someone is willing and able to pick it up, I will happily reimburse you for the gas (within reason).

I just want it to go to a good home, where someone can either take it as a long term fix project or used for parts. It has been regularly serviced at Modern Classics in DC, which is still a gold standard in the area and they have all the service paperwork.

If you're interested, know someone who would be interested, and can help me, please, please please reach out.