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Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:14 am quote
Hello to everyone over here,
I'm new to the MP3 world and also new to this forum...
I own a brand new 2019 MP3 500 HPE LT,

I have a few questions and I hoped you could help me,

I just bought the PIAGGIO MULTIMEDIA PLATFORM (606522M) and discover that it doesn't fit in my scooter,
The connector in my scooter isn't the same as the one in the MMP (see attached photo).
Is there an adapter for that? or do I need to replace this multi media platform?

in addition, I received with the scooter some kind of "alarm remote", and was told that this remote can only open the seat and turn the 4 blinkers on to assist finding the bike.
But the OEM alarm from Piaggio (1D001770) has the same remote as I got with my MP3,
Is there a way to make the original unit to act like an alarm?
If not, Can the "ELECTRONIC ANTI-THEFT DEVICE" 1D001770 + 1D001738 be connect together with the "PIAGGIO MULTIMEDIA PLATFORM"? from the installation manual it seems that they supposed to be connected to the same connector...

And one last question, The 2019 MP3 doesn't have a skid plate underneath, There are brackets that imply that this is possible (There is no such thing also in the parts list), The 2018 skidplate doesn't fit, It is too short.
Is there a hidden part number or aftermarket item that fit the 2019 model?

Thanks in advance for any help


2019 MP3 500 HPE Business
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Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:26 pm quote
Hi fisoora,

Your profile don't mention your place of residence. We have already mentioned the fact that the 2019 models are different in the United States and Europe ......
I have no information on the PMP (I find it useless for me).
For the skid plate underneath an adaptation is done with a cut (as soon as I can I put you a picture, I did it on mine)
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Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:22 pm quote
I'm from the Middle East so its probably the European model
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