Hey everyone!

My mp3 was totaled by a gas truck recently. I have some valuable parts from it and I'd like to sell it to fellows who are in love to mp3s just as I am.

I am an experienced worldwide seller (though sold seeds, not parts). So I can ship your purchase to any part of the world. And I accept paypal.

Of course, big and heavy parts are too expensive to be shipped, but if you want, I can do that. I take honest shipping price, and all shipments are registered and trackable.

So, here's what I have:

New original belt (unused) 82941R - $45.
Slightly used Dr. Pulleys (somewhat like 3000km) 8g 6pcs - $25
Throttle body with ECU + ignition lock and 2 keys - $200
CVT (kinda 10000 miles) front assembly - $80

In fact I have all the other parts except the frame. So please feel free to ask me about them. I mean brake pumps and calipers, suspension parts, front wheels, rear CVT pulleys w/clutch bell, etc.

Any photos by request! Feel free to ask please!

PM me at this site or contact at viber/whatsapp +79026159134

PS All your purchases are highly appreciated because now I need money.