Knocking noise from the rear end?
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Sun Jun 23, 2019 11:43 am quote
I have tried to search and haven't seen anything like this. From the rear end, my scoot makes a knocking noise when pushing it back out of my garage (not running).

Runs and rolls fine, but cannot figure out where the knocking is coming from. About 7 months ago, I pulled it apart and checked out the belt/pulleys etc. Could not find anything, everything seemed appropriately tightened and after putting it all back together the knock was gone.

Now for the last few months, it been doing it again, varying intensity. I was curious if the sliders wearing out would cause this noise?

Any ideas, I have a 2009 500, with about 14,500 miles on it. Original sliders still in the bike which is why I am curious if that is the cause.

Thanks for any suggestions. Appreciate it.
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Sun Jun 23, 2019 11:53 am quote
Re: Knocking noise from the rear end?
tnuke71 wrote:
I have a 2009 500, with about 14,500 miles on it. Original sliders still in the bike which is why I am curious if that is the cause.
Welcome here Tnuke71,

it's a possibility ..... Although it's very hard to determine the source of a noise in writing
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Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:03 pm quote
sliders will NOT make a noise when pushing the scoot around because the variator is not engaged .

I suspect a brake pad hanging up
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Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:30 pm quote
Could be a bearing, if it happens once per revolution of the rear wheel, or perhaps a gear has a bit of crud stuck in it. Have you checked/changed your rear end gear oil?

Oh, and you are not the first poster I have seen who signed up, disappeared for years (5 in this case!!), and made a first post... Curious....
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Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:41 pm quote
My MP3 makes a knocking kind of sound in the shocks whenever the load on the shocks changes - every little bump, pushing down the rear end of the scoot, or even _trying_ to lift it up will produce this noise - especially audible when the engine isn't running.

In my case I suspect it's some valves in the shock absorbers making this noise.

It's been like that from when I bought it - and I've never been able to find something loose in the entire rear end of the scoot..

I've removed the rear wheel a few times for changing tyres and hub oil, had to replace swingarm bearings and bushings, removed all tupperware for easy valve adjustment - I've seen every part that's hidden under the tupperware or in the suspension, except for the insides of the shocks...


I stopped worrying about this long ago, but your case might be something different.

Try this:

Place the scoot on three wheels (tiltlock, no stand), handbrake on, and push the rear end up and down quickly and repeatedly. Use some force, but not enough force to compress the shocks more than a few millimetres when pushing down, or overcome any possible free play when lifting up - does it make the knocking sound then?
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