Hey All,

I had an accident driving a friend's vespa. Long story short I was avoiding a pothole and ended up going into a curb.

The dealership would not repair it due to the frame having a (small) dent in it.
Despite the damages my friend still used it for about a week until I got him a new one and he said it drove just fine.

Model: Primavera 2018
------- Less than a year old

One of the breaks feels a little loose
Multiple scratches on one side of the vespa
Plasting casing chipped off on the left foot rest
Cracked Mirror

I am looking to sell it to someone who might be interested in buying it in the Los Angeles area.

message me with any questions!

Vespa 1.JPG

Vespa 2.JPG

Vespa 3.JPG

Vespa 4.JPG

Vespa 5.JPG

Vespa 6.JPG