Here goes my trusty commuter. My office moved and I can not use it anymore.
Not Italian, I admit, but runs fantastic!

Nothing wrong with the scooter, starts and runs great. It has some scruff and scratches. Covered in reflective tape for additional safety. It tops at 55 mph and has plenty of pep to ride in street traffic. It has a storage compartment that holds a full-size helmet.

I will throw in a riding jacket, pair of gloves, eye protection and riding boots for free. The helmet goes with the scooter for an extra $250 (originally $500). This is the best helmet for scooter rides, motorcycle full face helmets do not work well. Basically full commuter package.

2008 Yamaha Vino 125
VIN: LPRSE13Y08A542832
Odometer: 6500
Price: $1450