Replacement Headlamp Casing and Plate Light
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2016 Mp3 500ie Sport
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Sun Jul 28, 2019 8:38 am quote
Dear Mp3 Community
I need help finding an online vendor (suitable for California) for the following parts for a 2016 Piaggio Mp3 500ie Sport. My goal is to attempt to replace these parts myself, or failing that supply the parts to my local dealer to install on my behalf.

Parts list needed - pictures of current damaged attached.
* Highbeam headlight housing. Current one is cracked
* LED lamp for highbeam
* Lowbeam headlight housing. Current one is scuffed and scratched
* LED lamp for lowbeam
* Two license-plate light housings. Both current ones are loose
* Two LED replacements for the license-plate 5-12v incandescent bulbs.

I have spent some time searching online but all I've been able to find are replacement bulbs (nice) but not the actual housing itself. I could potentially get something from Ebay but that brings with it its own vendor risks. There is a BMW dealer in my area that sells Mp3 and can service them but they are also very expensive and often over-booked for repairs.

Doing the replacement myself is a good learning opportunity and a chance to save some money by avoiding dealer prices.

Thank you for your guidance and help.


Highbeam headlight housing crack

Plate-light housing broke loose

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Sun Jul 28, 2019 10:30 am quote
For the plate light you just need a clip and one screw looks like to me.
Lots of dealers will not install parts you bought, unless of course you bought them from them so make sure you can accomplish the task before ordering the part.

Wayne B
2016 Mp3 500ie Sport
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Sun Jul 28, 2019 10:49 am quote
Had not considered that, I'm not very automotive savvy on what dealers will or wont do. I've got the service manual and there are youtube videos on the subject for similar model Mp3s that I can review. I plan to do a partial disassembly so I can get a better idea of how complex the task is before committing to self-fix or just having the dealer do the repairs.

Having a reliable online dealer for the part will go a long ways towards figuring out how much to budget for a repair and installation processes.

I did find a few headlight-assemblies for other Piaggio models that were reasonably priced. Still searching for an MP3 solution.

Plenty of LED-bulbs though, those are easy to find. The assembly or housing, not so much. Even some specialized parts dealers do not have it.
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