Upgrading... 2018-2020 Primaver/Sprint Diffs, or other recs
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Fri Aug 02, 2019 8:05 am quote
Hello all -- Wanting to upgrade my wife's '09 Honda Metropolitan 50 to a '19-'20 new 150 Primavera or Sprint, or other recommendations welcome. Metro has been sufficient, but she has always wanted the Vespa style/namesake, and now we both agree she needs more cc's to keep up. Hoped to avoid the china options, but open to opinions if it makes more sense considering the size we are seeking...

*Hoped budget to be under $6k, so guessing vespa options are limited to sprint & primavera...
**Any big changes between the 19 & 20s?
**Whats the most significant change from Primavera to Sprint?
**Are these 150 vespa options i'm considering worth it, over say ~$3500 genuine/kymco/lance/etc? Im ok paying the $1500 more for the Primavera for the better quality/styling, assuming the vespa is equal or better in most categories.

Our use:
*We really only use locally, but maybe bigger/more power will lead to longer rides...
*We are both small people, but 2 on the metro is not safe or enjoyable, hope next option will allow for more comfortable and safe short 2 person rides.

Im sure more folks here ride/recommend the GTS, and would love to get her into that, but currently not the most practical for our uses and budget. A local dealer has a '19 150 primaveras (12" wheels, ABS) for $4,800. If no significant changes were made for '20 models, figured this was a better deal, atleast in my region (Chicago).

Primavera 150
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Fri Aug 02, 2019 10:16 am quote
You can always get leftovers at a reduced price. $4800 sounds like a pretty good deal, but you might check at another dealer.

The only difference between a new Primavera and a Sprint is the square headlight on the Sprint (the Primavera used to have smaller wheels, as well).

I believe the 2020 bikes now come with LED headlights, but I'm not sure. You can add one later, if you want. I put one on my 2016 without any trouble.

Colors always vary year-to-year.
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Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:41 am quote
Thanks Joe, appreciate the feedback.

Went into a dealer last week, ruled out the Chinese brands officially. The size of the Primavera seems perfect, so look to have set on that in 150. Hoped to find a S model for the Digital cluster, but Most S models i'm finding available locally are in the newer matte colors, which are less liked by the rider...

Anyone with an S model find the digital cluster features beneficial? Bluetooth and maybe rider tracking may be nice additions since pricing on them looks to be ~1-200 more on the 2019s

Sadly the ones I saw for $4500 and $4800 are colors id prefer less to own now, since ive been now drawn to be driving this now more too
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