taken straight from the scootercannonball site. If anybody knows a business that would like to participate in some sort of sponsorship please contact me and I can get them in touch with our admin person.

Now if somebody wants to throw personal sponsorship donations as well we can do that as well

"Were working on raising a (relatively) small amount of money through sponsorships to provide a legitimate official support truck the event at no cost to the participants. This (enclosed box) truck would sweep the route to haul you to the hotel or offer assistance (inventory, time, and tools permitting). It is not AAA roadside insurance! If you sleep until noon and leave after the truck its not coming back for you!

Sponsorships Levels

Day Sponsors - $300/Day (10 Days)
Start & Finish Line Sponsor - $3000
Support Truck Sponsor - $5000 ($500/Day, 10 Days)
Clearly we would promote our sponsors through social media, website, and the rider tracker. All sponsorship money goes to the event (no one here is paid) - remaining funds roll into the next years event (like they always have). If you know anyone who may be interested that would be very helpful!"