Compression ratio 10:1, use 95 RON or 98 RON?
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Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:36 pm quote
Greeting fellow Vespisti,

As I wrote earlier, I'm breaking in my brand new LX 125. Check this link.
No full throttle prior to first 1000 km

There is another question I want to ask. In FAQ and manual book, they said it is recommended to use minimal 95 RON. As they say "minimal", I assume it is okay to use higher RON. I've read many articles online about this and I conclude for 10:1 compression ratio engine, there is no need to use higher RON number above 95.

In my country, our state owned Pertamina sells Pertamax Turbo with 98 RON, and for competition there also Shell V-Power with 95 RON. They are selling them with quite the same price, so the choice is to use 95 RON or 98 RON. Patriotism aside, Pertamina seems to offer better choice, higher RON with the same price, but is it necessary? What is the side effect? (some say, higher RON number than the engine specifies results in excessive heat, and in long time will damage the engine).
Any opinions and/or facts? Please let me know.
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Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:37 pm quote
Nobody has ever destroyed an engine by using higher octane pump gas.
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