Hey everyone I bought this bike for our company and it came with this Akrapovic exhaust, I'm swapping it back to stock so I'm selling this one.

Muffler is in great shape, I even have the receipt from Vespa Motorsport when it was installed.

Only issue is the upper titanium bracket for the top mount is broken that slides into the rear swing arm. So you would need to order that bracket from a dealer of Akrapovic exhaust or direct from them. I have the bracket I will include but the threaded insert is broken. All other parts are working and no issues.

Also it never came with the DB killers and is missing the two rubber dummy plugs in the rear as seen in pics.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm located in Southern California.

Asking $300 plus shipping

Make me an offer!!!

Thanks, Chris
Split Rides

akrpovic label muffler.jpg

akrapovic tips view.jpg

akrapovic clamps pic.jpg

akrapovic exhaust bracket.jpg